Definitions for autarchy:

1. (esp of a political unit) a system or policy of economic self-sufficiency

2. self-government; self-rule. From Greek autarkeia “sufficiency in oneself, independence,” from autarkes “self-sufficient, having enough, independent of others”

3. Most commonly confused with Anarchy – political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control.


In the history of mankind there have being numerous organisations, Parties and governments, all of which told us, the people that they act for the better good of all and were building strong and prosperous societies. This website designed to explain principles and structure of society that we would like to build.

The sole purpose of Autarchic party is not to cause revolution, but to change direction and get off the current path all together. The path we have collectively followed so far, is a very well established one, we have been walking in circles for centuries and revolution will only serve to brings us around the same path once more.
Democracy is a very fine point of balance between the chaos of corruption and the stagnation of tyranny. This fine balance can only be maintained by the presence of choice.Choice

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend the magnitude of such a small word as “choice”.

We must recognize that people form societies by choice or ignorance and that human societies are based on intellectual concepts that are indoctrinated into us. Forcing one to be a part of society against their will is oppression.  Membership of any society or nationality must be strictly by choice as only choice can moderate and prevent any society from becoming corrupt and allow one group of people to control and exploit the others.

Can you build something good and strong without understanding what it is you are building and why?

People say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  We can easily understand that, not because it is a law or any other intellectual concept, but because it is part of our life experience.  The most horrific things that were done in the human history were done for the better good of us all and in order to build strong society.

Here at Autarchic party we want to make the link as strong as possible, so when human links choose to join into the chain of the society, such a society becomes invincible and naturaly exist for better good of all mebers whom here by choice.

If you are building a house for your family, you build it in the way that it will last as long as possible, if it is at all achievable, you would want it to last forever. If we look around to see the oldest example that exists, in order to imitate it and ensure that we have a good start for our own build, we will find that nature is the oldest thing that we know.

The society that we want,  must be self-organizing and as self-balancing as nature itself, as the life is merely the balance. Clearly, if there is no choice, there is no balance, if there is no balance there is no life!

That is the part of our life experience too! If there is too much sun, everything burns away and dries out, if there is not enough sun everything is frozen. The same thing happens with the human body, not enough nutrition and we starve to death, too much of it  and we turn life into existence.

Naturally if we make radical turn and go off the path we will disturb that limited order which has formed among the people who walk in the circles. We need to position our aims and goals outside of this circle and prepare for the smooth transition which can be achieved in relatively short and smooth fasion.

Unlike others we do not say that we will make your life easy and wonderful, if you came to read a website of political party you must be adult enough not believe in the fairy tales.

The fact is, no one will ever do anything for you, you have to do it by yourself!

We will not advocate that you should join us, in fact if no one ever does, it will make no difference what so ever.  This party was established with the aim to assist every human being to reach their highest potential and independence.  You can never change anything without changing yourself first, that is exactly why we created the party. The party is the conceptual entity which we created to be used as the tool for likely minded people.

Look into your own life experience, if you come to the river you may see it as many things.River Cuckmere in Sussex, England. Meandering river through field and country park landscape
1. An obstacle on your way
2. A defence barrier that you can use
3. A source of food and water
4. A source of water for your crops
5. An easy transportation method

In reality this river is all of those things and none of them at the same time, it is your choice to make use of this tool in the way that you need it to be. It’s the same thing with the Autarchic Party, the river does not care if you are going to join or not.

The big question is, are you ready to handle responsibility?

Join in or stay behind !

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