UK laws regulate how political parties accept donations. In order to achieve our goals we have to comply with it. If you fill like you would like to support what you see and would like to make a donation, please consider following.

What is a donation?

A donation is money, goods or services given to a party without charge or on non-commercial terms, with a value of over £500. Some examples of donations include:

  • A gift of money or other property.
  • Sponsorship of an event or publication.
  • Subscription or affiliation payments.
  • Free or specially discounted use of an office.

Under PPERA, anything with a value of £500 or less is not a donation.

If you donate any amount bigger than £500 we must make sure that it comes from permissible donor. If the donation isn’t from a permissible donor, or for any reason we can’t be sure of the true identity of the source, we must return it within the 30-day period.

A permissible donor is:

  • An individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests.
  • Most UK-registered companies.
  • A Great Britain registered political party.
  • A UK-registered trade union.
  • A UK-registered building society.
  • A UK-registered limited liability partnership (LLP) that carries on business in the UK.
  • A UK-registered friendly society.
  • A UK-based unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK. We can also accept donations from some types of trust, and from certain public funds

If you donate £500+ we will require you to submit your personal information in order to make sure that you are on official electorate register and if you are not, LAW require us to return this donation.

If you donate £500 or less, we do not need any information from you and can accept your donation!

All permissible donations and loans that add up to over £7,500 from the same source in the same calendar year must be reported by us to Electoral Commission and they will make them public. They publish details of the amounts and the donor on their website. They don’t publish the addresses of individuals who donate.

Please note, regardless of the amount of your donation we do not accept any obligations to you!

You may see the donation as investment, to us it is unconditional support and we will use money in the way we see fit!

Donation to Autarchic Party

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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a check payable to "Autarchic Party"
  2. On the memo line of the check, please indicate that the donation is for "Autarchic Party"
  3. Please mail your check or postal order to:

Autarchic Party, 22 Gladstone road, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 1LB


All contributions will be gratefully appreciated!


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