Can you build a house on foundations made out of marshmallows? This seemingly strange question bares a frightening correlation to our current economy both per individual country and on a global level. We have an economy that is anything but economic or sustainable. Most people around the globe do not understand what money is and the majority do not have a clue how money are created.

One must clearly understand that all humans live in the physical world and we use parts of this physical existence to support our own lives. Collectively we have created intellectual concepts that govern how we should live and exchange valuable goods. Both valuable goods and ourselves are in a physical reality, the intellectual concepts as rules, laws and regulations are not. Since intellectual concepts do not experience the limitations of physical reality they can value things that are imaginary.

An imaginary house and imaginary food on the imaginary table is not good for the being that exist in the physical world.

Please don’t be mistaken into thinking that real money is a precious metal, oil or any other type of physical goods. The only real money that exist is your labor!

If we create an economy which operates a conceptual currency or even a virtual one, it will not be a problem as long as this currency represent real labor. We must give the power of creation of money to real people as we are the only creators of labor!

If I control how much your labor is worth, then you are my slave and I am your master!

Banks where given power to create money, by controlling how much money is created, interest rates and where those money are invested the banks control the value of money. Those are the same money that you are working for, buying food with and paying for services. We really are slaves and banks our masters!

People must create money by joining society and offering their labor to the benefit of such a society. if you look at the life of a person you can say that the average life span is around 70 years. Up to the age of 16 this person is educated, then from 16 to 60 they work. When someone begins to work, their working age should be calculated and a proportional amount of money then added to the total of available money in the pot.  No human being in such society will have to pay any taxes or pay interest for any loans.

Even now any self – employed person is giving loans to their customers because they usually ask for their invoices to be paid in 30 days’ time. This shows that we can handle borrowing and loans to each other without need for the banks.  Naturally those loans will be more secured as businesses will not lend to someone they cannot trust. Of course it is bad news for the big businesses but it is excellent news for small and medium business in the country as well as those who work as employees.

Such a society should only cater for its members and should recognize that anyone may join or leave as they wish. In fact, the only thing that will protect such a society from corruption and usurpation of power is recognition that precipitation is voluntary and that society is a conceptual entity that does not exist in the physical world. Human beings must have ability to retreat to a natural world where no intellectual concepts have any power and form alternative societies if they wish. Only this can ensure that the balance can be maintained as free choice is the key to success.

It can be very hard to grasp for some people who believe that they belong to a country that is projected over a certain land mass. The key word is ‘believe’, you can only believe in things that are not real. If it is real, then you know it. Knowledge is always conditional and based on facts and the possibility that the facts may become not valid or replaced by others that will point in an opposite direction.

All economic processes within such a society should be self-governed and self- balanced by competition of a free market environment.
Naturally you may think what about people who was not lucky enough to have perfect health or have some sort of disability, who will look after those people? First of all there is a very small number of people like this and if we look at amount of money that they require in comparison to the amount of cash we spend on nuclear weapons and on the bombs that we are dropping on people around the world, it is minuscule.

If we charge 5% corporation tax on all companies and corporations, this will be more than sufficient to make sure that all people with a disability are looked after to the highest standard possible.

A proposed set up would make the currency of such society to be self balanced in comparison to currencies of other societies which will make the importation of goods and services pointless but it will create huge demand for “local”products from “local”businesses and “local” manufactures as one hour of work in UK and one hour of work in China takes one hour of labor.

If we manage to adopt such economic system in our society, we will see society expand over all continents. It will not be globalization as we have seen attempted by various countries in world wars, cold wars, expansions of empires or attempts to bring up world order with one world government.

Such an economic system is designed to empower every individual human being to be independent and self sufficient, so if such people choose to form a society it will be there to serve every one of them.

Please see, we have been doing the same thing over thousands of years, current economic and political systems are not sustainable and are destroying this planet and ourselves as we are part of it.

This is an extraordinary problem and it requires an extraordinary solution!

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