Education is one of the most crucial aspects in developing a strong and independent individual. Unfortunately, the current early education system has become an indoctrination tool.  If you stop and think for a moment you will see that after 4-5 years of education in college or university one can become a doctor and cut another human being wide open and later put him back together. Or create an aircraft that will transport millions of people around the globe. Yet after all of those years in school we know nothing of how the world operates nor anything about the tools we need to use if we want to be part of any society.

We do not know what money really is, we do not know how it is created, who creates it and why we are the only creatures on the planet that have to pay taxes. After all of this time spent in school we cannot even defend ourselves in court!

In the event of some natural disaster, survivability of young people who have just left school is less than that of a snail.  We do not know how to start a fire, cook food, make basic warm clothing, farm, hunt, butcher an animal or treat our own medical issues.Print

The only thing that we learn in school and know for sure is how to be uniformed thinkers, how to obey orders and how to be dependent.

We teach our kids theories and concepts, we teach them formed opinions while forgetting to teach them that opinions can only be formed from factual evidence and as our experience proves, new facts may be discovered that will contradict all of the previous ones.

The best and the most accomplished student that can ever be produced by any education system is the one who understands that he knows absolutely nothing.

Wisdom begins from realization of your own stupidity!

Child development experts say that, on average, a child should be able to stay focused for 5 – 10 minutes on single task. Some report that adult attention spans may drop on average from 12 minutes down to 5 minutes. Doesn’t that indicate that we are fed information in the form of intellectual garbage that is simply rejected by nature?

If someone isn’t paying attention, is it possible that this may be because you are unable to present information in a form that will be interesting to the person?

If you think that an adult or a child cannot pay attention for one hour or more at a time, you must have never been to the cinema. If you go there, you will see that not only do you not have to do anything to make people pay attention but in fact people are paying money for the opportunity of watching and paying attention.

We exist in this wonderful physical world, so the prime things that we need to know are how to be part of nature and mimic its structure in our own creations. We need to recognize our powers as human beings and see that those powers, if not handled carefully, can destroy the whole planet. We need to learn the long lost art of being part of the planet instead of just living on it.

We need to develop an education system where the head teacher is nature itself!

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