Is it possible to change the health care system without changing the economy first?  It is like wanting to be on the back of a horse, when in actual fact you are sitting on the donkey.

Unless you are the one who creates money and it is you who decide how do you spend them, you cannot change anything.
Officials will tell you all sorts of lies as they all have financial interest in keeping you away from the truth.

Here is a video of Monsanto official who telling us that the chemical used to kill weeds are not dangerous to humans.


It is very hard to even consider any radical ideas if you position yourself from the point of view based on the current social economic climate where banks create money by lending loans. Within this system banks are in complete control over where the money is spent. Unfortunately, no other politician or party will ever stand up against the banks as all of them need the banks to control the money.

If you are independent and in complete control, what will happen if you decide not to give any money to politicians?

The only reason why we want the NHS is because this is the only way to make medical services affordable to most people under the current economic set up. Medical services appear to be very expensive to us, not because they are, but because we are being robbed and have no money.

No one will argue that our physical bodies are part of the planet which is a physical part of this reality. Some may say that the body is a simply amalgamation of the food that you have consumed over the yars.

As an intelectual human being we exist for a phenomenally little period in time in comparison to the existence of nature. We must embrace the rules of nature instead of trying to limit or control them by means of intellectual concepts. In nature everyone is responsible for their own actions and everyone will suffer the consequences of the risks they take. There is no possibility of eliminating the risk in the same way as it is impossible to eliminate energy, you can only transfer it from one state or form to another.

By creation of the laws and regulations that control who can practice medicine, what can be used as medicine and what is legal and what is not; we lose some natural risks while gaining others that would be minimal or nonexistent in nature like GMO. We also loose alternative medicines, the ability to refuse medications or vaccinations and most importantly the ability to choose.


This leads to a plethora of opportunities open to abuse by pharmaceutical companies, by so called authorities of the medical profession and anyone who has financial gain from the current establishment.

In my experience I have seen veterinary doctors that I trust more than a GP. Why is it that I am limited to use only the medication that is supplied by companies I do not trust and forced to use services without the ability to choose?

Every one understands that preventative servicing is much more effective then dealing with repairs due to bad maintenance. A very basic thing that we can do to prevent illness of our bodies is to provide it with natural building blocks, so it can rebuild itself. Nature spends millions of years perfecting the environment and our food, we cannot be smarter than nature as it has lasted way longer than we have.

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