We should newer confuse the natural process of migration with immigration. Immigration developed by people and is completely intellectually conceptual.

If we want to develop a mechanism it must be efficient and it has to be low maintenance. Unfortunately, politicians do not create rules and regulations to the benefit of the people but only to win elections. This drives all policies to be soft and oriented towards giving people more artificial benefits that are more damaging than beneficial.

In his day Tony Blair adopted very soft policies to win votes that created a situation where the UK public received money from a benefits system that allowed some people to stay home and receive as much income as a working person. Some even managed to abuse system so much that their income was much greater than anyone who had a permanent 40 hours a week job.

In the real world one can never put a hand into a pocket end take out what one does not have. The Soft social policies of the Labour Party made them very popular with public and at the same time created a huge strain as someone had to pay for all of the rabbits that they were pulling out of the hat.

Tony did not want to take away the candy from the spoilt kid and instead opened the borders even wider back in 2004. Someone had to do all of the hard, unpopular, minimum wage work that local people no longer wanted as they could enjoy the benefits system.

I remember a day when some Eastern European countries were allowed to work and travel to the UK without a visa. Illegal immigrants went to bed and woke up legal next morning. In no time at all there was a tsunami of people driven by economic need, flooding this island. This along with huge proportion of asylum seekers who were in reality economic migrants who wanted a piece of that amassing benefits cake. It’s what has fuelled the EU referendum.

In recent years, the public started to be unhappy again as every day, the rabbits that were pulled out of the hat were smaller and smaller and sometimes they were just plain ugly deformities. Naturally your sales man cannot say that what he has sold you before was garbage and what you should get is a flash new thing that is for sale right now.
This is the time for the Conservative party to steer the ship and the way they do it is no different to Labour.  They look for what is the most popular and base their promises on that. Welcome to the era of tough immigration policies and a battle against illegal immigration.

What no one understands is that so called illegal immigrants are the most valuable and beneficial kind of immigrant that can be!

Forget about whole legal / illegal thing altogether, think not in conceptual but in real values. If you are the business owner who would you rather employ, someone who walked for a 1000 miles, slept in a tent for weeks, risked their life by hiding underneath a lorry in order to cross the Chanel to work for you or someone who you have to employ as you have no other option regardless what kind of person that is?

Think like the average person who is working and living on this island, who would you like your neighbour to be? Someone who is hard working, willing to learn your language, respects your culture and makes a great effort to be your neighbour, or someone who is simply there as he is interested in the cramps that falls of your table in the form of the benefit system?

One must understand migration and forget about immigration all together!

Migration is the natural process that happens in this physical reality. Not only on a biological level like you see in animal world but also in subtle ways within everything that exists as long as there is unbalance or difference in potentials. If you pour water out of the glass, water also migrates from one place to another. We can say that electricity is a migration of electrons.

By observing this we can say that life and our whole existence is a state of balance in nature where everything always strives to an absolute balance.

Can someone who does not see the reality behind intellectual concepts, ever come up with a solution that will work in this physical world?

Can anyone ever create an intellectual concept that will govern nature?

If you put Israel into Palestine they will fight until the winner claims it all, if you take every one out of Gaza and put them in the Falkland islands it will become a Palestine quicker than you can blink an eye. Every one likes to talk about the right of Jewish or Palestinian people to return to their home land and every one always points back into history.

Please see, if we are fighting now that is because we made an error in the past, so why do you want to look back 1000 years? Precisely, why do you want to look back but only to a very limited time frame, why not look back as far as we can?

If you look back as far as the Big Bang, you will find that there were no Jews, Palestinians and other intellectual concepts, everything was one and still is, it is just that we have created something that is not within this physical reality and we  are enslaved to that intellectual concept. (Whoops shouldn’t say that as if you realise it, there will be no need for military industrial complex!)

We must restore natural balance which we have offset due to being blinded by all sorts of intellectual concepts when we collectively propagated the current corrupt economic system by means of expanding empires. Without this there will never be a solution to economic migration.

This island has the benefit of a natural barrier and it should be utilised, we must temporarily restrict migration until we help the rest of the world to become free of corrupt banking cartels. Also we must understand that any mandatory rule that we create will create opportunity for exploitation.

We must be sure that those who come, cannot be exploited, this way their employment will not be in competition with local people. It can only be achieved by accepting people with knowledge of the English language on a level that will allow them to change jobs as they wish or to join a college and study profession once they have made some money to pay for it. They must not have any restrictions for work and no access to the benefit system.

Due to this we should never restrict permission to work for anyone and at the same time we must be able to get rid of any person if they are convicted of a crime and if a jury decides that this is the most suitable punishment.

Brutality of common sense must be exercised for the protection of people from criminals and religious fanatics. Power of the people must become famous throughout the world in the same way as the current British benefits system is at present.

One who decide to make a step on these shores must be 100% certain that if they cause harm or try to restrict anyone’s freedom of expression, they will be punished in the way that the people of this land will see fit regardless of morals, rules, or regulations.

First and foremost, we must repair what we have broken by helping the people all round the world to restore the balance of wealth by completely destroying the current banking and financial sector and replacing it with a system that will empower every human being instead of just governments.

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