Hello and welcome!

This is members area and this page was created to let you know that you have joined and your contact information is on file.

This is brand new website, so things will progress relative to how fast membership will grow. We will not bombard you with emails, in fact we will send them only to inform on new developments and if there is any important announcements.

There is a lot of work that we need to get done and all of it to be done with very limited resources, there for do not be surprise if you do not hear back from us in the next 6-8 weeks.

If you have any questions, please use contact page of this website to contact us.

Please be patient and your patience will be rewarded!

We do not have access to financial injections from big businesses, international corporation and governments, we have something that can be even more powerful. Every one of us makes contribution as every one of us understand that he or she contributes to him or her self.

Absolute minimum that every one of us can do is to let other people know that we have new tool, Official Political Party that every one of us can use as shield. If every one of us  brings new person and every one of those new people will bring one person each too, the numbers will start to grow very fast. Can you imagine if every one of us brings 2,  5 or 10 people?

I have created this party and designed it to be dispersant so it will protect every human being who chose to use Autarchic Party as the shield against corruption of the government and ignorance of people. It was designed to work even if party has no more then 2 members, however safety is in numbers!

It is crucial that you understand this and for your own benefit get as many people involved as you can. If you use Twitter, Face book or any other social media show people to this website and let them know that there is alternative to ongoing madness. Do not just make one post, make 3-5 post a day for the next 6 month and it will make huge difference!

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