Please do not take this lightly!

If you think to join Autarchic Party because:

  • You are protesting against coruption in Government.
  • You are protesting against Police serving Corporations rather than People.
  • You are protesting against Military whom became a death money making machine in the hands of banking cartels.
  • You are protesting against NHS whom became a department of big Pharmaceutical companies.
  • You want to demonstrate on streets burn tyres and fight police

Please do not join,  go away and find yourself a movement  of people who think that they are Awaken and Enlightened, we are not interested!

You must understand that destruction of property, hate and violence is pointless and wasteful, it is much more efficient to empower yourself and others rather then trying to take power from some one else.

If you came to realisation that no matter what happens around you and what other people do, know or think, it is your own actions and your actions only,  are the force that can make change you desire, then we welcome you! 

Please note that by becoming a member of Autarchic party you are accepting constitution of this party and accept a responsibility of making sure that you will act to the best of your ability to achieve goals out lined in the constitution!


Please take your time and complete the form the best you can!

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