Throughout the history of mankind there have always been military conflicts and armies fighting each other. Some may say that without the soldier there would be no wars, others say the army is necessary to protect ourselves from evil.

Regardless of your position we need to understand what army is and what is the purpose of its existence.  There are two ways that we can look at it. One point of view can be based on physical reality and the other is based in a conceptual, intellectual world where we draw conclusions and put values upon our ideas and concepts.

From the first point of view, the army is a group of people who are following a common goal.

From the second point of view, the army is a group of people who accepted some conceptual idea as the only posibility.

Wars and armies are products of division not unity, even if it doesn’t look like it at the first glance. Naturally, it is impossible to fight an army that you cannot allocate. Also no-one will want to fight an army that is many times larger and stronger. Fighting for money is not the same as fighting for survival or freedom. It is our duty that everyone who is willing to learn millitary skills must have complete understanding that they do so for their own benefit and no one else.


High resolution 3d Render of an Spartan Defense Formation like the roman Tortoise Formation.We must develop a society that will offer free military training to every member of society.  It must be voluntary training where people will learn tactics of defense and after accomplishing their training will be able to take their personal  firearm that they trained with, home.  Such army will not exist as one force but at the same time it can self organize when necessary and support proffessional troops who will act as first line of defence.

Of course arming the general population as it is in the current economic and educational situation would be disastrous as people do not control their lives or creation of money. Those issues must be resolved first.

We are so frightened to think that someone next door may own a weapon, that we completely forget that the existence of life as we know it on this planet is under threat from nuclear weapons you do not control!

We are already surrounded by weapons as almost anything can be used as one. Everything depends on our intentions and every misuse of weapons that we know of up today have happened as result of division  and disassociation.

Society or country must serve the people and not other way around!

People must be thrilled to be part of a society with all of the benefits that it will provide, instead of being strangled by all restrictions that we currently have to live by.

You do not have to give up any freedoms in order to be a part of society!

That only happens when you are forced to be part of one!

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