Sir Robert Peel laid down nine principles for the office of constable. As early as 1829 he understood the necessity of keeping police constables as independent as possible. Without independence and impartiality there cannot be a constable, there can only be an officer in uniform. It may not be apparent right away as many people perceive a uniform to be a representation of law, dignity, fairness or bravery.

It is not!

First of all a uniform is the tool of division and disassociation, the very same factors that are necessary to be in place in order for someone to commit a crime. A Uniform is the sign of uniformity, castration of the intellect, so that there are no spikes of ideas, creativity, or analysis, but instead there is flat lined, dead and uniformed thinking.

The other fundamental principle of the office of constable is that the Police are the public and public are the Police. It is crucial to recognise the difference between a CONSTABLE and a POLICE OFFICER.

A Constable is the peace keeper, it is you and me.

A Police Officer is man or women who is there to enforce certain ideological concepts or agendas.

It is irrelevant what that ideological concept is and what colour the uniform is worn, as experience shows, it always leads to intellectual uniformity.

Why is it that we cannot create a system where each member of the public can serve as a constable for a certain period in time as required? By developing a system like that and ensuring that the constables serve a minimum of 50 miles away from where they normally live; we can ensure their impartiality. Even more important is the fact that such people will not develop a sensation or disassociation from the public and the public will give constables all their support as they are members of public.

Simplicity is the key to success, there is no need for a bureaucratic monster that kills 10-35 people in custody per year and drives another 60 to suicide immediately after discharge as reported by IPCC.

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